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Our user-first approach to development allows us to make complex things more simple, human and fun. Our focus on user experience and the clients pain points is what sets us apart from other development shops, and ultimately what makes our process so substantial. 

Step 1 | projecT & Asset research

This is usually a singular step that is then augmented in small time frames during springs that allow for accurate project requirements. Applying synchronous project research with development increases efficiency while lowering costs adn extending the lifespan of the code.

STEP 2 | design & development

The longest and heaviest step; design and development allows cycles of feautre design along with development to the customer specifications. Software specs along with design mock-ups are signed off by the client before being implemented. 


This step is at the end of a sprint and the features developed during that period are deployed in a testing environment. This is known as a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and is when non-regression testing will happen by the client, bugs will be eliminated, and it will be pushed to production.


This step happens at the end of the timeline where the final product has been completely developed and is ready for complete production implementation. This would also be the step where formal training occurs. 

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